The interesting pictures of chainmail of times Dmitry Donskoy (1380) in creativity of middle XIX centuries Russian artists.

Recently (summer of 2004) by visiting necropolis of the Donskoy monastery (Moscow). On it backside I have found out pieces of scenery of the "first" (destroyed in 30 of XX century) Temple Christi of a Rescuer (build middle XIX centuries). In particular, has interested me one of pieces, in which one has called surprise an non-standard way of orientation of rings in mantillas and body part chainmails/

The sourse:

"Dmitry Donnskoy visit before battle wis Mamay (1389). On picture: monks (-warriors) Pereswet and Oslabya, [no name man - my comment], St. Sergey Radonezsky, Dmitry Donnskoy, war-chief Bobrok and Vladimir Serpukhovsky [and unknown mans - my comment]. Artist Loganovsky, 1847-1849. Marble".

I ask to pay attention to following pieces:


The orientation of rings on arms of chainmail of Dmitry Donnskoy, similar to modern "standard" chainmail, while on "body part" ring are "reverted" on 90 grades.


Orientation of rings on "body part" of Babrok`s chainmail too "inverted", as well as in the previous case, as well as on mantille of Vladimir Smolensky`s helm. and here of the arms of chainmail with common too us orientation


In the second picture on this page the piece of "body part" of the anonymous soldier's chainmail (next to Vladimer Serpukhovsky). Orientation again "organized" on 90 grades


For artist of middle XIX centuries Loganovsky the orientation of rings in a "body part" of chanmails and in mantilies was diverse, "organized" on 90 grades, rather than it is accepted to consider and to make now, and it (on my retiring experience) is very not convenient from the practical point of view.

At the same time orientation of rings on arms of chanmails was same, as it is accepted now. However in relation to a "body part" of chanmails this orientation, again "is organized" on 90 grades, that demands special measures on coupling hoses to a body.

Problem (for the connoisseurs):

The data of a feature of orientation of rings were a consequent of "unmotivated" artist's imagination, or on historical basis (what)?

The answer I ask to route

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